I take primidone 50, Dilantin 300, and lamictal 250 every day for my seizures. Now the ammonia levels in my blood are in the 80s but my drs say thats normal cuz of my meds. I need a second opinion?

Get second opinion. Get second opinion check other liver panel labs.
Family practice . You could have your liver checked. The ammonia level isn't that bad but if it continues to rise your meds will need to be adjusted.
Seems OK for now. This seems ok given that you're on several meds for seizures. Apparently the normal range for ammonia is 6-47 micro moles per liter or 10-80 micrograms per deciliter so if you're in the 80s you're slightly high. It's important to watch this to be sure the lover isn't getting damaged and you don't get hepatic encephalopathy. Hopefully you can get off one of those meds and this level can go down.