I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. But he did not ejaculate in me. I missed my period by 4 days can I be pregnant?

Yes. Sperm is released during intercourse and in pre- ejaculate. Not just the final ejaculation. Withdrawl method of birth control has a very high failure rate. Would be best if you take a test. If negative and still no cycle- then you should see your doctor.
Yes. This is fairly common. There are sperms in the fluid before ejaculation. Good luck to you both -- if you must make a decision, remember that it is entirely yours, and think carefully.

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I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend three consecutive days during my period. But he didn't ejaculate in me. Is there a possibility to get pregnant?

Yes. While highly unlikely, there have been reported cases of conception during a menstral cycle. And although your boyfriend did not ejaculate inside you, there is still sperm within the pre-ejaculate.
Unlikey, But. Withdrawing is not effective since sperm is released during sex before ejaculation. Fortunately for you the chances of pregnancy is very very unlikely when you are on your period. Please consider a birth control method, they are safe and effective.

I had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago and I haven't gotten my period on time. My boyfriend pulled out and didn't ejaculate in me do you know why?

Could still b pregna. Any time you have unprotected intercourse, pregnancy is a possibility so the first step is to check a pregnancy test and if it is negative and your period still hasn't started repeat it in 3-5 days. Stress and several other things can cause this but you definitely need to begin a reliable method of contraception and use condoms to decrease the risk of STDs. Be safe!