Can I get a tattoo after a mechanical mitral valve replacement and now on Coumadin (warfarin) (blood thinners)?

No. You should be on antibiotics in advance to minimize chance of infection. You also are going to bleed because of the coumadin (warfarin). I doubt your cardiologist will stop Coumadin (warfarin) for a tattoo. If you decide to do this there may be bleeding in the skin which will affect the appearance of the tattoo.
Should not. You can, but the risks are present and probably not well known to the artist! Infection, bacteremia, bleeding, scarring are more dangerous to you with the valve disease and prosthesis and can be lethal.

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Can I take tongkat ali together with warfarin? I had undergone mitral valve replacement surgery.

IN GENERAL. I would NOT recommend that you take ANY HERBAL REMEDIES with WARFARIN....MANY MANY MANY examples of inter-action of herbal remedies (for example GREEN TEA!!!) with Warfarin or Coumadin (warfarin) exist! No sense in "taking chances"! Hope this helps' DR Z.

I'm a cardiac patient had a mitral valve replacement and on Warfarin. My throat is sore for the 3rd week now and the antibiotics I was using from the Doc is not working. What now?

Re-evaluation. You need to be seen by your doctor again for a couple of reasons. First, you remain symptomatic after the first line of treatment and therefore entertainment of second line treatment or alternate diagnosis needs to be made. Second, there are many medications that interact with warfarin and it would be unsafe to simply treat without being able to monitor your blood test for influence upon warfarin.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraines & mechanical bicuspid valve replacement and am on coumadin (warfarin). Will pot affect my valve or make blood thinner?

Possibly. There may be some interaction with coumadin (warfarin).
YES. Discussion: marijuana may increase warfarin anticoagulant effect by inhibiting its metabolism, and to a lesser extent, displacing warfarin from protein-binding sites. Other causes (eg, nonadherence) of the patient's increased inr were ruled out. Using the horn drug interaction probability scale, our patient's warfarin/marijuana interaction appeared to be probable. Ann pharmacother. 2009 jul;43 (7).

Ekg graph is different to normal people. Graph is consistent from last 5 years. Had a mechanical mitral valve replacement 6 yrs ago. Echo shows normal?

EKG. While your ekg may not be "normal" it is normal for you and serves as a baseline.
Thoughts. Some ekg changes of hypertrophy or dilation related to open heart operation. If no additional, change over time that is usually a good sign! Echo has to be abnormal with new valve but probably reported as "normal" for the new situation.

Bovine or mechanical valve for my mitral valve replacement surgery. Which is best?

Depends. The type of valve chosen depends on many factors ; age, other medical problems the type of valve disease, regurgitation/stenosis or some combination as well as pt preference. Pt. Preference is important when it come to anticoagulation long term after valve surgery with a mechanical valve. If anticoagulation is not feasible or the pt does not want it then a bovine or tissue valve is the way togo.
Variable. Both can be excellent when repair is out of possibility age bleeding or clotting history travel sports can all be part of risk, benefit and alternative discussion. Mechanical requires lifelong anti coagulation.

What can be done about deep bone pain after mitral valve replacement surgery?

Treatment for. Pain control depends upon the source of pain. Which bone is involved? Generally, for chronic pain where the source can not be removed by surgical approach, a pain control management team will be needed. Check with your doc if referral is indicated.
Depends. Sternal pain following standard heart surgery definitely impacts the recovery of our patients. Continued boney pain after a reasonable recovery period (2-3months (can be caused by an incompletely healed sternum. Often limiting arm activity and time will resolve this. A ct scan can help evaluate the extent of bone healing and look for non-union of the breast bone. Rarely do we need to rewire.

My mom just had mitral valve replacement, and its been three days she hadn't fully awakened from anesthia. Why?

Several. Aneshesia metabolism-can be slow in some patients ongoing sedation stroke cerebral, embolism hypoxia and injury.
See below. You need to have a talk with your surgeons. Some people are very sensitive to anesthetic agents and take a long time waking up, but three days is unusual. The surgery team could be keeping your mother sedated with other medications, or other issues could be going on. Good luck.

Ekg abnormalities after mitral valve replacement. Is it common.? Echo is looking good, but EKG is abnormal... Any idea?

No//Multiple. The enlargement and hypertrophic muscle show as abnormal in mitral valve disorders. Arrythmia also can show and is abnormal. If no ongoing changes, this is likely your new baseline. Keep copies! For comparison.
MVR. Depends on the kind of ekg abnormality. Minor st elevations can be due to postoperative pericarditis. Major st changes require close attention from a surgeon or physician. Rhythm abnormalities like atrial fibrillation are common. Surgeons or cardiologist can determine the exact significance after looking at serial ekg. All depends on type of changes.