Gas problem can cause lower right abdomen pain?

Potentially. Depending on where the gas is, it could cause right lower quadrant pain. Of course, when you speak of rlq pain, the concern for appendicitis appears, so if the pain doesn't resolve quickly by itself, if it is severe, or if you have fever as well, definitely go to the er.

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I have too much gas problem and I cant empty my stool and I have abdomen pain at night?

Sounds like. you may have "IBS-C" (Iritable Bowel Syndrome -CONSTIPATION) Speak with your PCP (Primary Care Provider about this possibility! Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...

From the past 2 days I am having dull lower right abdomen pain with excessive burping and passing of gas. Why is it happening?

Right lower quadrant. Pain can most commonly be due to inflamed appendix and intestinal issues. Any loss of appetite? Nausea? Fever? I am limited to how much more i can contribute due to supplied info. I would recommend you see your doctor for a physical exam. Read more...