My testosterone levels feel low or is it depression?

1, 2 or both. The link between low testosterone levels and depression has been reported numberous times in the literature. You should see your M.D. And ask to be evaluated for both.
Can be both. Good question. Low testosterone levels can mimic signs and symptoms of depression. By asking the right questions, a doctor can determine if due to depression or to low testosterone level; check levels in your blood is suspected.
May be depression. How can you feel your testosterone level? Perhaps you mean you have low libido. That could be a sign of depression. Consult y our physician for proper evaluation and treatment.

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Also wondering if we're I was depressed for so long if it would have lowered my testosterone level?!

Depressed. Two things to do: 1: Se a Psychologist for evaluation and management of depression. 2: See your doctor so your gonads can be examined and then appropriate labs ordered. Results should come back in a few days. Read more...