Pain on rt side, lower back/butt, down the back of my leg, tingling/numbness in toes. Nerve/sciatica or something else? Pain relief suggestions?

Given Your Pain. I would suggest seeing a pain/spine specialist to evaluate you further to evaluate what level and what can be done to treat you. There are interventional treatments besides medications and surgeries that might reduce or eliminate the pain altogether.
Nerve irritation. You may have neck nerve root irritation. Please make sure that you are not over exercising or lifting heavy things. You will need to be evaluated by your family doctor and a specialist and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Sciatica. Meds, exercise, physical therapy including mckenzie centralization techniques, traction, inversion table. Many things are used.
Sciatic nerve? Appears to be a sciatic nerve involvement, but i would go to an orthopedic dr. And get evaluated asap.