I have 1st degree burn on my foot I always wear socks and want to wear sandals but am to embarrassed, was wondering if there was a cream I could use?

Antibiotic cream. Bacitracin is best to keep the burn moist until your body heals itself. Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) works great if you can get a perscription (and you are not sulfa allergic).
A few choices. First degree burn, is the equivalent of a red sunburn without blistering...Are you sure this is what you have? Is it a new burn, or old scar? Burns have to heal in their own time as new skin regenerates, so using aloe vera or noes portion will keep the burned area hydrated but will not speed healing. If this is a scar, i suggest trying daily vitamin e massaged into the area.
Yes. Over-the-counter triple antibiotic ointment or cream. Natural therapists swear by aloe vera gel application. Coconut cream/oil can keep the wound moist until it heals.