Is there an effective home treatment fo removal of a ganglion cyst in the wrist?

Not really. You could go to youtube and watch the various ways of treatment by use of heavy books, etc.
You can try... Deep kneading massage to the area and hope that you burst the ganglion and it scars down. Apply circular deep pressure as firmly as you can tolerate several times per day. Ice over area if it becomes painful.

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A ganglion cyst that was popped in my hand 3 months ago is back. What is te next course of treatment?

Surgeon. Time to visit your local neighborhood orthopedic hand specialist. The cyst goes down to the bone, so to keep it from coming back needs surgery. Of course if it isn't painful, it's not necessary, but if it is, surgery is the best option. Read more...
Surgery. Drainage of a ganglion cyst tends to have a pretty high rate of recurrence. If the cyst is causing symptoms such as pain or discomfort, i think surgery is the way to go. It's a fairly minor procedure that can be done in less than an hour as an outpatient procedure. Recurrence rates are much lower after surgery. Read more...