Why does my gums swollen?

Swollen gums. Some medications (dilantin for example) can cause swollen gums. Other times this can result from a vitamin deficiency (c, b, etc). In fact, scurvy, the disease sailors used to get, starts out as swollen, red gums from lack of vitamin c. More common these days, however, is a bacterial infection of the gums - periodontitis or gingivitis. See a dentist, they should be able to solve this quickly.
Swollen gums. Swollen gum is generally an indication of gum disease. It needs to be evaluated and addressed by a dentist or periodontist for the answers.
Sign of infection? Swollen gums usually means they is a process of inflammation occurring usually from an infection known as gingivitis.

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Why does my gums hurt and feel swollen when I eat meat?

Food impaction. You may be getting food stuck in a cavity or between your teeth. Have a local dentist take a look.