I'm ready to have a baby but I don't think I can have kids been trying for 11 months. I'm 23 years old. What can I do?

Infertility work-up. See a ob/gyn or infertility specialist for infertility evaluation. Infertility = failure to conceive after 1 year of unprotected sex, and affects ~15% of couples. Evaluation involves confirmation of ovulation, patency of fallopian tubes, and assessment of sperm characteristics. Abnormalities in any one of these may make it more difficult to conceive. Treatment depends on infertility diagnosis.
23 & Not PG. About 90% of normal fertile couple are pregnant in 1 year and less than 1% are not pregnant by 2 years. If you are 23 then you have a great chance of getting pregnant but you probably should see a fertility specialist if you do not get pregnant this month. We have good tests and treatments so that most couples will succeed if we can use all our tools including ivf if necessary. Best wishes.
It depends. Depending on your age, how long you've been trying and whether or not you have suspicions of problems in certain areas (sperm, egg, tubes, uterus), your best strategy may be to patiently keep trying or to explore some medical assistance. More information is needed to guide you specifically.