What would happen if I did marijuana while on medication?

Medications? What r ur medications? The info u r giving is 2 vague 2 know what would happen, u probably mean if it would b safe "doing" mj while on meds. Ur location state is md where mj is not legal. If u "do" mj u take 2 risks 1/ ur mental health w/an unexpected "bad trip": high anxiety w/paranoïd ideation & derealization or psychosis outbreak (brief or not) 2/ legal trouble. B safe & save ur $ 2. Thx.
It depends. It depends on the medication, and whether marijuana is legal in your geographic location. Marijuana risks include paranoia and psychosis, just by itself (not including other drugs you're taking). Best to avoid marijuana unless it has been prescribed for you, in limited circumstances and through certified dispensaries.