I have 36% kidney function, will alcohol cause more damage in moderation?

Not usually. Excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect every organ in the body, even the skin. Remarkably, the kidneys are not affected by alcohol. That being said, if you have reduced kidney function, you should be careful. Often, alcoholics do not consume enough fluids in general and dehydration can damage kidneys. The medical specialist involved with kidneys is a nephrologist.
No. Alcohol in moderation is not a kidney toxin however in excess it can cause hypertension which will damage your kidneys.
Alcohol ingestion. If you have chronic kidney disease, the alcohol have no effect on your kidneys. That is because the liver is the organ that metabolizes A. Your having 36% of normal kidney function may cause you to have some problems with fluid retention (FR). If you drink an excessive amount of alcohol, you may have some (FR) that can be treated with diuretics, or a lower intake of alcoholic drinks.