I have pcos and can't afford birth control or metformin is there anything else beside losing wieght and good eating thatll help?

Cheap meds available. Walmart and some other pharmacies offer a good birth control pill called sprintec for $4 a month or $9 for 3 months. They offer metformin for the same price.
Exercise. Exercise is very important for pcos. It helps increase your body's metabolism. With pcos, diet alone is usually not enough for weight loss. Exercise 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes can be very helpful.
PCOS tx. Remember that pcos may by itself cause infertility, so bcps or oral contraceptives may help the disease but not the fertility. Metformin and some bcp are really the lower cost options besides losing weight. If expensive in usa try to get it from canada or other country with a reliable pharmacy.