I get pressure in both eyes at times. I saw an optometrist who said everything was fine. Is it possible I have glaucoma? I wear contacts daily also.

Pressure. Feeling pressure is often different than having "eye pressure". It could be due to dryness, strain, inflammation, etc. If you had a thorough exam and the eye pressure was normal and you had basic testing to rule out glaucoma then you are most likely ok. Of course you should still get annual exams or more often if you have a family history of eye problems.
Less likely. Open angle glaucoma is typically asymptomatic. Narrow angle glaucoma can cause intermittent or severe eye pain. If you had a complete eye exam with normal pressure, normal angles, and normal nerves, then likely you are ok. Glaucoma is usually an older age disease, if happens when you are young, typically you have elevated eye pressure.