How do I get rid of hyper pigmintattion?

Hydroquinone. Hyperpigmentation if often caused be inflammation du to injury or infection and the action of the sun. Hydroquinone, and sunscreens can revers the process and improve the hyperpigmentation.
You may be able to.. ..Improve it with a combination of tretinoin, hydroquinoe (both req rx), sun protection (don't bother w anything else if you won't do this) eg w neutragena helioplex SPF 125, certain chemical peels, avoidance of certain drugs (eg corticosteroids), avoidance of inflammation & pregnancy.
Hyperpigmentation. Many of the options discussed are effective in improving hyperpigmentation. Combination therapy and a progressive approach is best. Sunscreen use is imperative, and in my practice a "non-negotiable", in the management of hyperpigmentation, melasma, pih and sun damage. We recommend our patients focus on the content of the sunscreen (uva, uvb protection capacity, antioxidants) instead of SPF number.
Depends. The treatment for hyperpigmentation depends on the type you have. A diagnosis by a good dermatologist is a good first step. The other variable is your skin color. Topical hydroquinone is a good start. Intense pulsed light treatment works well for light skinned patients, but is dangerous for darker skin - it may cause worse hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels like cosmelan are better for dark skin.
Try hydroquinone. Depending on the severity and the location, topical creams like hydroquinone may help. See your dermatologist for recommendations specific to your skin.
Skin Care and Lasers. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem that can arise from various causes ranging from hormone changes to sun damage. A skin care regimen including retinols and hydroquinones and/or laser resurfacing of the skin can rejuvenate and restore the natural glow, sensuality, and beauty of the face. A board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist can help create the perfect solution.
Difficult. Lasers and topical hydroquinone are helful. Avoid sun exposure. Very difficult problem. See a plastic surgeon.
Many options. Depends on what the cause is. If due to melasma (caused by hormones, pregnancy) then it may not respond to treatment unless the birth control pill or hormones are stopped. Hyperpig may also be caused by certain meds which increase sensitivity to sun (ie: tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, accutane). There are many effective treatments including topical bleaching agents, lasers.
Combination. Hyperpigmentation is a catch-all phrase that can mean many different things. The first thing find someone that can make an accurate diagnosis and treat correctly. Treatment will vary if pigment is superficial or deep. I prefer combinations of tretinoin and hydroquinone, followed by dermal rollers and/or chemical peels. I'm close to you if you'd like to call (609) 957-5652. Be well.
Fraxel or TCA peel. The reasons for hyperpigmentation varies a lot. It is depending on the causes but mainly hydroquinone, kojic acid as topical and fraxel, ipl, or active fx as laser treatment and tca peel, jessner peel as a chemical peel.
Varies. Treatment for hyperpigmentation varies. Depending on the severity, the duration and your skin tone, you can use good skin care products such as obagi, have medium to deep peels or use lasers such as the pixel resurfacing laser. Speak with a qualified cosmetic physician to see what you should use.
Hyperpigmentation. Post inlfammatory hyperpigmentation or hemosiderosis may not respond well to hydroquinone (hq). Vitamin k oxides are purported to have some effect but I am not convinced. Lasers have mixed results and have occasionally caused worsening due to increased inflammation. I suggest trying test spots first. Use of "peel and bleach" creams (hq +retina +steroid) may be effective but require strict sunblock.