How can I give someone who is in the final stages of cancer courage?

Use your heart. Just asking this question means you have a loving heart, and that will give great comfort and courage. We all face our own death. Think about what you would like at that point. Listen to your friend. What has (s)he brought to your life? To the world? Say it. Remind your friend that you are there. Just your presence is a gift. Don't be afraid.Let your heart guide you.
Get Hospice care. Just talk to them about their fears and concerns. Maybe getting the help of a hospice and palliative care doctor or professional will bring this person the solace that he is looking for. Thospicehe essence of this is to get care without giving false hope. Visit the website: http://www.Aahpm.Org/about/default/overview.Html#definition for more information to guide you in this quest.