I do not have lyme, I have been tested however I am a land surveyor I have had deer ticks inbedded, I'm wondering what the twitching could be?

Non specific twitch. I presumed you have muscle twitches, you found ticks on you and you do not have lyme disease---? Muscle twitch from nutritional deficiency, too much coffee, electrlyte abnormalities, diuretics, other meds, nerve irritation, muscle diseases, exercise, or no cause at all if transient and not localized to one spot and not associated with other symptoms.
Other infections. Being a land surveyor in a lyme endemic area puts you at a much higher risk for lyme disease. Twitching is associated with another tick borne illnes, bartonella. Other bartonella symptoms are muscle spasms, anxiety, rage, nightmares, foot cramps. Use Permethrin spray on your clothes, shoes and socks, and tuck pants into socks when in the field.