I have enlarged tonsils. Do I need them removed?

Not necessarily! Enlargement of the tonsils is not the true reason for removal. There are guidlines for tonsil removal. Recurrent strep infections (6 per year), recurring episodes of sore throat, inability to clear tonsils of tonsil-liths, foul lbreath and others. If you are having a recurring problem, see your pcp or an ent.
Big Tonsils. With tonsils, size does not matter. Only if the enlarged size is causing blockage of the airway, is removal necessary. There are four common reasons to remove tonsils presently: recurrent episodes of infections, enlarged size causing blockage of the airway, enlargement of just one tonsil, suspicion of a tumor. Sometimes, tonsils are removed due to recurrent tonsil "stones", cryptic tonsillitis.