What thyroid medication can I take to lose weight? I already follow a good diet and exercise but still find it hard to lose

Chk thryroid first. First u need to be checked to see if your thyroid is abnormal- bc if it is normal, taking thyroid med is not an option and can cause serious harm to yor health. Pla avoid otc thyroid supplements- can be harmful. Just have it checked, and if normal, ask your dr if they think u need screening for obstructive sleep apnea- untreated osa makes it hard to lose weight too.
Not weight loss aid . Thyroid hormone replacement should only be taken by people who have a truly under active thyroid gland. Otherwise, complications related to an over active thyroid can occur. Studies show that adding thyroid replacement medication as a weight loss aid doesn't work.
None. Thyroid medication should only be for those who either have an overactive or underactive thyroid. If patient have symptoms of this problem a lab test called TSH can lead to answers. A primary care md or endocrinologist can help. For my patients i dont recommend thyroid medication for weight loss issues unless they happen to have an underactive thyroid (by lab test) and in which case it can help.