What do doctors mean by a nasal allergy?

Nose attack. Your nose is the target i.E stuffy, runny, itchy, and sneezy nose b, cause of allergens .

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Doc says tonsillitis, rehinitis. Std/hiv/strep/mono neg. Antibotics/steriods/post nasal/allergy meds not help. Going on 3 months. Remove tonsils? Help

Tonsillectomy . Tonsils can be a burden of disease for many, and if other aspects have been ruled out as in u'r situation I would suggest seeing an ENT=Ear Nose Throat Specialist. Read more...

What are some of the common types of medicine use by means of injection to treat nasal allergy?

Usually oral. Most meds to treat allergy are oral and consist of antihistamines, steroid and antihistamine nasal sprays, and if those are not effective allergy shots of the things you react to on allergy testing. See an allergist. Read more...