Why do I get severe back pain only when I drink alcohol?

Wow. If your back pain is only when you drink alcohol, better cut iit out and give a chance to heal the hurt back at least for 6--8 weeks and if after that you want to drink, limit to one drink, week may be with too many drinks your body movements are too much and out of control.

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Hi I have few doubts to clear regarding back pain and liver. I do drink alcohol a lot. Is it because of that?

Could be. If you drink excessively you can affect the liver. Now you better see your doctor for an exam and go from there. You should also try to stop drinking. Though this is very hard to do there is help. Discuss with you doctor.

Mam has a 10mg release morphine patch for a back pain. She is extremely tired all the time. Should the dose be reduced. Never drink alcohol.

Morphine patch. At her age - yes definitely reduce the dose if she is too tired all the time. Patches are usually slow release and probably this doe is too strong for her.