How do I get rid of cracked, dry lips?

Dry Lips. You can try a lip balm with sunscreen daily and apply vaseline intensive lip therapy several times throughout the day. If the dryness continues it should be evaluated by a dermatologis because of a precancerous condition called actinic cheilitis that can cause similiar symptoms. Thanks.
Nasal airway . The better you breathe through your nose the less your lips will chap. I also recommend chap stick or vaseline to cover your lips. If your nose is blocked you should see an ENT doctor to see why.

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What method is there to get rid of red, itchy, dry lips?

Hydrate and protect. First, you have to make sure the tissues are staying healthy. The easy fix is to drink more water to hydrate from the inside, and wear a lip balm to protect lips from the environment (and keep moisture in). Next, eliminate the possibility that youhave an alergic reaction by noting if you get symptoms shortly after certain foods or gums. No relief, see your dentist or oral surgeon to assess. Read more...

What to do if I've got dry lips and I hate it. Is there any solution to get rid of the dryness of my lips?

Dry lips. First, don't lick your lips. It wets them, but removes the lip's natural moisture. Many patients have told me the burt's bees lip balms work very well to keep lips moisturized. Read more...

How can I get rid of pimples, dark patches and dry lips?

What are you using? The dark patches may be a result of the pimples after they heal, hormonal changes or sun exposure. The acne and dry lips could also be hormone related. Consult your physician about this. Read more...