Sharp pain under left shoulder blade when running and still hurts when I take a deep breath. What do you recommend?

See a doctor. This is probably nothing but muscular but any pain that is worsened with breathing deserves evaluation by a doctor. This could be from a pneumothorax and can be evaluated clinically and with a chest xray. If you are having any shortness of breath at rest, go to the emergency department.

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I have sharp pain under left shoulder blade every few hours for only 5-10 seconds. First, it hurt to take a deep breath although I could. Now, it does?

Sharp pain. This most likely is a pinched intercostal nerve or muscle that runs between 2 ribs. It causes Sharp, fleeting pains often precipitated by a deep breath. A lung cause or pleurisy is also a possibility if there is associated cough or fever. Pinched nerve is not serious and usually resolves on its on. See your physician if symptoms persist or worsen or if there is fever, cough, wheeze, breathlessness. Read more...

26 yr old. I was playing sport when I started to get a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. It hurts when I take a deep breath or stretch forward?

Need work up. If this problem is recurrent need investigation tests like MRI to see the intactness of complex scapular muscles. This where your great medical delivery system fails in UK , long wait for this kind of test . but here ( USA ) you can have it done even today . Read more...