I have a stabbing pain in right shoulder blade. What could be wrong?

Muscle spasm? It sounds like it could be muscle spasm. Apply heat to the area. Try using otc nsaids. Get a massage. If all that fails your pcp can prescribe a muscle relaxer for you.

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I have a burning/stabbing pain in right shoulder blade that has been coming on more at night. Also I have a patch of skin there which has no feeling?

Spine Pain Options. This pain in the distribution as you suggested is the result of an irritated nerve or facet joints or other injury typically in the lumbar spine (low back) which are caused by herniated disks, spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease, etc requiring further evaluation by a spine specialist and may be candidate for facet injections/radiofrequency ablation and epidural steroid injection.

I have a stabbing pain under my right shoulder blade. What can I do for it?

Shoulder blade pain. Shoulder blade pain may, in some cases, be a manifestation of irritation of the diaphragm. This symptom should be evaluated by a physician immediately.

How to treat stabbing pain below my right shoulder blade?

A few options. Sharp pain in the periscapular area can be related to myofascial (muscle) strain, primarily rhomboid, serratus, and infraspinatus muscles. If the pain radiates toward the front, consider intercostal neuralgia (an irritation of the nerve associated with each rib). If the pain is at the upper shoulder blade radiating out toward the shoulder, it may be a suprascapular neuralgia.

6+ month been having sharp stabbing pain under right shoulder blade, accompanied with achey neck sometimes pain can last for few day to few weeks. Help?

It depends. There are many possible causes. An irritation of a nerve in the thoracic pain can cause pain to radiate around one side of the trunk. A gallbladder problem can cause pain radiating into the right side as can a lung and kidney problem. A detailed exam and appropriate studies can usually tell the cause. Consider being checked. Thank you for the question.

What causes a stabbing pain in top of right shoulder blade almost between shoulder blades while walking at a brisk pace? PCP says heart ok.

Levator scapulae. 30's female w. intermittent pain in region of right scapula has gallbladder disorder or tendinitis insertion of right levator scapulae on right superior scapula spine. Superior scapula spine, a bony prominence, is major anatomical locus of pain found in fibromyalgia patients & an anatomical focus highlighted in just about every "fibromyalgia medication" advertising ever made (proof pending pub.).