I have r.S.I. For 7yrs & I have recurring pain & tightness in both upper arms/shoulders & also recurring carpal tunnel symptoms. Will it ever heal?

RSI can improve. Repetitive stress injury can take a long time to heal. Improper ergonomics and incorrect posture can be a contributing factor as well. Best treatment is appropriate stretching and strengthening as directed by a physical therapist, being mindful of posture, as well as taking breaks from repetitive tasks. Consider having your neck evaluated as a pinched nerve can cause similar pain complaints.
Maybe. I call this myofascial pain syndrome. It is characterized as chronic muscle pain in the neck & shoulder girdles which can radiate (referred pain) into the forearms & hands. It can mimic carpal tunnel, but it is not carpal tunnel. Best treatments: retrain & tend to your posture, strengthen scapular retractors, stretch scapular protractors, get restorative sleep. Massage & injections can help.