I have heard many woman get pregnant after a endometrial ablation. So will I get pregnant if not on birth control. My tubes were not tied.?

Need birth control. Contraception is required after an endometrial ablation. I will not do an ablation unless the patient or her psrtner has permanent birth control. Please see your doctor and discuss this important issue. Use condoms until you can be seen. Ablations are great procedures but do not prevent pregnancy. A pregnancy after an ablation is dangerous and has very poor outcomes.
Possibly. The incidence of pregnancy following endometrial ablation is reported at 7%. This is too high a risk to forgo a reliable means of contraception. The pregnancies have a high incidence of serious complications.
Doubtful. Officially, you should be using some form of contraception after an endometrial ablation, which is a wonderful solution to heavy periods. It is very difficult to get pregnant but there are reports and many times complications in those rare pregnancies. So you might want to play it safe and use something until menopause.