How to treat bad breath.

Bad breath. There are several possibilities for the cause of bad breath: periodontal (gum) disease, poor oral hygiene, excessive decay, acid reflux, diet (garlic, onions, etc), smoking, intestinal disease. To treat, make sure you have a healthy mouth. Brush teeth and tongue, floss, see your dentist to evaluate possible causes. If not a dental problem, see your primary care doctor.
Keep mouth clean! While acid reflux can be an issue, it is no longer considered a primary cause of bad breath. The major causes of non-food related breath odors (garlic etc.) are gum disease and rotting food particles on the tongue. Floss daily ; use a toothbrush w-toothpaste to brush as far back on your tongue as possible. (colgate total with antibacterial triclosan works great!) voila, no more bad breath!
Depends on cause. There are many causes of bad breath. It can be of dental or medical origin. Most often it occurs from poor oral hygiene. See the following website for some more information. Then see your dentist for a thorough checkup and evaluation. Your dentist should be able to solve the mystery for you. He\she might refer you to a physician if need be. Http://smilesapartcosmeticdentist. Com/fresh-breath-con.

Related Questions

How can someone treat bad breath in the morning?

Brush before bedtime. Brush you tongue and your teeth first thing in the morning. This will treat the symptom until you can address the cause. See a dentist for a complete oral evaluation.
Water irrigator. Stay well hydrated during the day with water. Make sure you get regular checkups and cleanings of your teeth. At night brush, water irrigate, then rinse with water and sea salt for 5 minutes.

How can I treat bad breath after my filling fell out?

Start with the. Basics until u see a dentist. I'm not one but a filling coming out should not result in bad breath unless there is food caught in the filling space or infection which I imagine would be painful. Scrape your tongues make sure no food is in there use mouthwash, just do it, drink a lot of water and get in to see a doc that can fix it and give u better info.
2 problems. Seems like your are describing 2 problems, the worst of which is the filling fell out. See a dentist & he can (together with you) get you on track to solve these problems.
Replace filling. You are trapping food debris and bacteria in the area where your filling used to be. Replace it.