Does my wound vac have to make a sucction noise for it to be working right?

No. ... In fact it may mean there's a leak if you hear that. It should say on the screen. If the foam is staying compressed its probably working right.
Not usually. It is common for the machine itself to make a humming noise but the dressing should make no noise and i would not describe the noise that a properly working wound vac makes as a "suction noise." if you have questions, call kci using the 800 number on the machine or discuss it with your home health nurse or treating physician. The newer machines are not silent, but they are nearly so. Good luck!
Wound fac. Most wound vacuum devices work by battery operated power so you will hear the unit; however, there are several new products that provide suction without battery power.
Yes, The machine should be on and making noise periodically but there should be no air leaks. If the machine is on constantly then there may be a leak and the bandage should be redone or reinforced.
Wound vac. Negaive pressure wound therapy (npwt)is a term that encompasses all the suction-type apparati including vac. These machines can be set for either continuous suction or intermittent suction. During the suction cycle, the motor that creates the vacuum makes a small hum.
Yes but... The wound vac should turn on intermittently to create and maintain the vacuum underneath the plastic dressing. If you hear a continuous air leak noise or the motor is running continuously, there is a leak in the dressing which probably needs to be fixed. If the motor is running continuously like, there should be some error lights or messages happening. See your wound surgeon.
Yes. The wound vac will maintain a negative pressure specified by your doctor by creating a vacuum.
"no" If all connections are tight and the covering dressing is well placed with the edgesfirmly adhered to the skin without wrinkles there should be little or no sound other than the machine itself. Kalypto wound vac can be changed once a week and does not make noise -the collection unit is on top of dressing and is very portable -ask your doctor for the above.