Black pigmentation from toe till knee. What could be the cause? No itching/ burning sensation

Skin color changes. You would want to look at the black pigmentation and ask yourself. How long has it been there, has it grown over the past week/months, has it changed in size/color, etc. There are many different reasons to have pigmentation on your skin. You want to be weary of any new or changing skin lesions, especially if you have a hx of skin cancer. See your pcp/dermatologist for follow-up care.
Stasis dermatitis . Could be from iron deposited in skin from damaged red blood cells related to varicose veins. Your age does not correlate with this however. You should see a dermatologist. There are other rarer disorders that can cause.

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Burning sensation under left knee in when trying to touch my toes sitting flat on the ground. I'm 16, any idea what causes this?

Hamstring tightness. The location you described is that of your hamstring tendon. If it is tight, when you try to stretch it, it will burn and hurt. Continue to GENTLY stretch it, and eventually it will loosen up and the pain will fade. Hope this helps! Read more...

Why is my knee having a burning sensation and itching. There is notthing I see on skin. Help.

Shingles. I always worry about shingles/zoster when patients describe weird itch or burning sensation w/o any visible rash. Unfortunately, this rash that looks like chickenpox (b/c it's reactivated chickenpox) usually follows a nerve pathway leaving a stripe of affected skin a few days later. See your Family Doc immediately to determine if you have shingles/zoster & can prevent neuropathic complications. Read more...

Having small on & off burning sensation on my palms & sometimes below my foot causing me to scratch since itches a lil 4 a wk. What can this be?

Itching in pregnancy. thre are several causes for itching during pregnancy - and it sommonly affects the palms and soles. it's normal, but annoying. Try moisturizing lotion, and oatmeal baths. Avoid heat and hot baths. Read more...