This may sound silly but the back of my legs are really burned and I have a resting heart rate of about 105 BPM laying down. Should I worry?

Sunburn? When we have a first degree burn, as in a non-blistered sunburn, our blood moves to our skin - which makes it warm and also depletes our central blood volume. We then feel thirsty, and our heart rate increases. You will likely feel better if you drink fluid to increase your overall blood volume. Be careful about standing up too quickly; you could get dizzy. See your doctor if there's concern.

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Resting heart rate increased at 100 BPM its annoying me and im on dostinex (cabergoline) since 2 weeks. Should I worry? Should I go to the hospital?

Call your prescriber. Usually people do not feel increases in their heart rate. It is more likely that the heart rate increase is a marker of something else happening as a side effect of the medication such as the common side effect of blood pressure lowering. There is nothing dangerous about this level of heart rate temporarily . Call your doctor and schedule an appointment to discuss it. Read more...

My resting heart rate at sitting or laying is 77-90 but when I stand up its 95-115 is something wrong with me?

Possibly. It is normal for your heart rate to go up when you stand, however, both reat and standing rates are higher than expected. This may be due to weight, medications, stimulants (caffiene, energy drinks), lack of fitness, or heart problem. See your doctor and, if cleared, begin an exercise program to improve your fitness. Read more...