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I have strep throat -like symptoms. Last month I had a huge white bump in my throat with sore throat and no fever. My doctor didn't strep test me but sent me home with penicillin VK. Two weeks ago it came back, so I went to urgent care and had a positive

Recurrent strep. Infection occurs about 10% of the time, in spite of taking the antibiotic, and more often if one stops the medication after feeling better instead of completing the course. In the lab, strep is very sensitive to penicillin, but not all people absorb it well or may have other bacteria in their throat that make it less effective. Get another culture and other med. Possible other germ like mono.

Sore throat, white spots on tonsils had oral and vaginal sex, condom broke but no symptoms on my penis. Stomach feels flu like. Bumps on back of tung?

Tonsillitis. This most likely a case of tonsillitis which is not a sexually transmitted infection. It could be viral, mono, or streptococcal and I recommend that you have a throat culture as a strep infection requires antibiotic treatment. Call your physician for evaluation and treatment.
Need. Examination to determine etiology. Possibility include upper respiratory or viral syndrome or STD.

If I do have an STD that causes feverish symptoms or sore throat, would the sore throat be consistent?

Sore throat. Most stds cause urimary symptoms like drainage from the opening of the penis or painful urination. It is not very common to have sore throats from stds. You could get a sore throat from herpes but that would be uncommon without lip or mouth lesions. If you have throat lesions -whitish, you could have your doctor check a throat culture to see what is going on good luck!