Sometimes when I get into the car I get headache. This can be labyrinthitis?

Labyrinthitis. Symptoms of labyrinthitis may include ringing in the ears, a feeling of movement, trouble hearing, or trouble focusing visually. Headaches may occur, but they are not the key symptom. It is unclear why you have a headache when you get in the car, although you may wonder about your head position. Awkward head positions often cause headaches, as many laptop computer users will attest.
Not typical. Labrynthitis is an acute inflammation of the balance centers which are connected to you hearing organ(cochlea). It is usually due to a virus sometimes it can be bacterial. The symptoms consist of acute onset of vertigo (room spinning, nausea, with possible tinnitus and even hearing loss) although headaches can be associated with it, it is rare that it is the only symptom that presents.
Probably not. Labyrinth it's is typically characterized by dizziness, vertigo and/or imbalance. This can occasionally be interpreted as a headache. See a neurologist.