Does the hCG diet really work? Otc or prescribed better?

Scam. This is a very-low-calorie diet with an expensive placebo. You'll lose weight by restricting calories, and spend money for something that will do you no good. Ask your personal physician whether a crash diet is really right for you. Better, start hanging out with people who are into physical fitness and join in. Unlike a crash diet, this will result in real, sustained good results.
It works, because... Any 500 calorie per day diet works the HCG idea is complete baloney. You are being had ...Sorry to say. Here's my idea: try a 500 calorie per day diet, ignore the HCG idea, and watch your weight drop. This is a scam. Best of luck.
Absolutely. You must do the diet under supervision of a qualified physician, injectable HCG not drops, and strict adherence to the original 500 calorie diet and not a modified version of it with higher calories. You can lose 1-2 lbs of fat per day. Some physicians call this diet dangerous or won't work, but lack an understanding about the diet and it's proven safety. In use since 1950s.