22yrs old mammogram normal enlarged right axillary lymph node 7mm left axillary lymph node 3mm waiting biopsy results. Family history breast cancer?

Be patient. Even with a family history of breast cancer, it would be very rare for a 22 yo to have the disease. You only have about a 14-15% chance of developing breast cancer, unless there are multiple family members who have the disease. There are many reasons for lymph nodes to enlarge, many benign, so just wait for the results. Good luck.
Further eval needed. What kind of family history? You may be a candidate for brca testing. Check out www.Myriad.Com for more info about whether you meet criteria for testing, or contact me with more information so you can be better advised.
Lymph node biopsy? The most common reason lymph nodes enlarge is simple inflammation. In this way they help ur body fight infections. If ur mammogram is normal and u have no suspicious breast masses on exam your risk of cancer is very low. The family history increases that a bit. But it depends --were the relatives who got breast cancer old or young when they got it? If young, risk is higher. Md should counsel.