What health remedies ate there for someone with chronic pancreaitits? Will it heal if alcohol has stopped and what foods do u recommend eating to help

Often from scarring. Chronic pancreatitis is commonly caused by pancreatitis due to alcohol (as opposed to gallstones). Causes changes in pancr ducts, as well as the output of pancr juice. Can cause pain, diabetes (pancreas makes Insulin and digestive juice), and maldigestion of fats (typically). Must stop alcohol to stop progression, may revert a bit. Taking panc enz. By mouth may help, puts panc at rest. C rd, md.
Avoid alcohol!! Avoiding alcohol is the most important thing for you to do. Doing so, while eating a bland diet and avoiding high fat foods can certainly help allow your pancreas to heal. However, if your pain becomes severe or you cannot keep food or liquids down, seek medical attention immediately.