My 5 year old has complained of a stomachache for about 12 hours. She gets tearful at times bevause it hurts so bad. No fever, though. Any ideas?

Constipation?!! Though other causes are more serious and need to be ruled out any time a kid has abdominal pain, constipation is probably the most common in absence of other symptoms (like nause, vomiting or fever). Ask yourself if he's been havin hard or infrequent stools. If so, try a suppository or stool softener recommended by your doctor. If pain severe or other symptoms present, go to er or your soc asap.
Things to look for. Appendicitis is what we usually worry about in your son's age. The pain is usually generalized around the belly button but as the infection progresses it will localize to the right lower quadrant. If its not too late, call his doctor and be seen. If things get worse he should be seen by doctor either at the office or in the er.