Why do I bleed when I pee?

Blood in urine. Blood in urine [hematuria] can be caused by many conditions . Some serious others not.. You ned urological evaluation asap..
Blood in urine. Need to be evaluated by a urologist one of the most common reason pts are sent to urologist.
Need evaluation. Blood in the urine is not normal and it could be a sign of underlying urinary tract problem. These include stones, infection, or cancer. Blood could also be from the female organs as well. You need to be evaluated by your medical doctor and likely a urologist.
Hematuria. Is it at the end/in the beginning or all the way through. Regardless, hematuria (bloody urine) should always be evaluated by a urologist.
You have a problem! Blood in the urine is never normal and it indicates disease in the lower urinary passages or the kidneys. You need to see a urologist first.
Need to see doctor! There are many reasons for blood in urine. Urinary tract infection and kidney stones are the most common but other potentially dangerous problems, like bladder or kidney cancer, can also present with bloody urine. Depending on age, race, social habits, etc., these may be an issue. I would recommend seeing your doctor soon.
Many causes . Blood in urine [hematuria] can be caused by many conditions some of which are serious. Seek medical evaluation. The most common cause of hematuria is a urinary tract infection.