How long does it take to detox from buprenorphine II have been o.N 12mg aday for 2 years?

Suboxone detox. Great question with no easy answer. Some people can get off subutex/suboxone very quickly - others takes months (or more!). The first step is to let your doctor know you want to get off and get his/her help. Next, cut back by a set amount (like 2 mg) and monitor for cravings or withdrawal. After an adequate amount of time has passed, taper down more. Continue until completely off.
See below. The physical withdrawal will build do a peak in 5-10 days and resolve over a week. The limbic symptoms (depression, amotivation, irritability) can go on for months or the better part of a year. It may be shortened by the use of naltrexone/vivitrol which is known to reduce cravings as well as block the effects of the drugs. Weaning prior to detox will reduce intensity of symptoms but not timecourse.
Bupe endorphins. Why do you want to stop the buprenorphine? It is probably helping you stay off dangerous opiates. You should discuss tapering with your dr. It is a lot easier to stop after being on only two mgs per day, not 12. You have a risk of relapsing back on opiates within the next six months if you abruptly quit. Good luck.
We don't know!! The biggest problem is that we truly don't know the answer to this question. If we did, it would be easy to detox because each person would know just how long they would have to suffer the withdraw for. It's the not knowing that makes it so hard--especially when you know what to take to feel all better! tough way to live each day, don't you think? I strongly agree with dr. Passer--stay on it!
I recommend that ... you collaborate with your prescriber to follow a gradual taper.One possibility would be to reduce by 2 mg every 1-2 weeks at first, then reduce by 1 mg every 1-2 weeks. Your prescriber may be able to offer you adjunctive meds to take care of any symptoms you might feel. During this time It is extra important to keep up your recovery program as well.