I am a 45 year old pregnant woman with colitis. Whatshould I do?

Planning ahead. First, if you are pregnant now, congratulations. You already beat the odds. Second, if your obgyn or fertility doctor did not send you to your GI or to an mfm doctor before getting pregnant, we typically would want referrals asap . That way all of the doctors can discuss your history, medications, and treatment during pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period. Collaboration before/during/after works!
High risk pregnancy. Need OB specializing in high risk pregnancy- "elderly", and colitis. If in remission at start of pregnancy. Good chance it will remain so during the pregnancy. If active, then may be a stormier course. Meds such as steroids (budesonide), mesalamine, 6 Mercaptopurine ok in preg (good data; may incr preemie). Biologics newer, less info. Risks to preg worse from uncontrolled colitis.
What's your question. Please let us know what your question is regarding your pregnancy or your colitis. Send another question to healthtap, but include some details so we can better understand what you are asking.
Health of mother. Is the most important factor and all should be done to ensure that. That means using whatever medications (most of the ibd rx are safe with pregnancy) necessary to maintain disease control. The good news is patients that are in remission tend to stay in remission during the pregnancy.