I'm highly allergic to bees. I have become interested in taking bee pollen weight loss. Would I be able to take even though I'm allergic?

No problem. If you are allergic to bee stings you are allergic to the venom in the sting. You are not allergic to any other part of the bee including honey. I am not aware of the virtue of bee pollen for weight loss so my answer is not an endorsement of this unusual recommendation. I'm old-fashioned & believe that weight loss is a combination of eating less, exercising more & willpower. It works for me.
Wrong question. You're asking the wrong question. No, bee pollen won't harm you even if allergic to stings. More importantly, bee pollen won't help weight loss, it's a hoax that comes around every five to ten years. The only thing that will lose weight is your wallet. Eat right and exercise. Don't get medical information from friends, tv or the internet. Learn to live healthy, not foolishly.
Bee allergy. You should be tested by an allergist to determine indeed if you are allergic to bees or other stinging insects. You also should be carrying an epipen, (epinephrine) especially now in the spring and summer. Bee venom is what people develop an allergy to. The efficacy of bee pollen in weight loss is unproven, but if you insist, you should be ok taking it.