I've heard HGH supplements are good for anti aging and boating sex drive. Is that true? Are they safe? What are the potential side effects?

Don't do it. The people who tell you this will tell you anything to sell you the stuff. Growth hormone stimulates growth in all tissues. You don't always want growth (think "cancer"). Google "acromegaly" (tumors that make excess hgh) and see if you want to have a condition like that.
HGH and supplements. Great question. - the only studies in the peer-reviewed medical literature are on injectable (and very expensive) hgh. - it is not approved for "anti-aging" - and that term actually makes the skin crawl of serious age management physicians. (just fyi). - hgh can boost libido. - it is typically safe if dosed by an expert, but its use is controversial. I can recommend holistic steps first. :).