An MRI last week showed bulging at C4 to C7 with radial nerve pinch issues. I have ddd of thoracic & lumbar throughout, can disk bulge be related?

Sometimes disc . Changes such as degeneration with bulging can lead to narrowing of the spinal nerve exiting holes in the neck or cervical spine known as neuroforamina leading to foraminal stenosis which is the term for this narrowing leading to nerve compression or irritation along with the nerve being pinched or compressed in the arm by other issues & this is termed a double crush syndrome or pinching in 2 sites.
Agree. Most of us have some of this and it may not be of too much consequence unless the narrowing of the neuroforamina (as mentioned) or spinal canal is bad enough to compress the nerves or spinal cord . The majority of people with bulging discs or bone spurs respond to medications and neck exercises but surgery is helpful if compression severe and unresponsive to these measures.

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