Chest pain? Normal cta scan, ekg, blood work all fine. I do have SVT and am on meds. Doc said pain due to stress. But the pain is so severe!

Atypical Chest Pain. The pain may originate form the esophagus or stomach from spasm of the lower part of the esophagus, reflux of acidic stomach contents into esophagus or gastritis (irritation of stomach lining). These conditions can be evaluated by a gastro-enterologist (gi doctor) who may try acid reducers or other medications. Spasm of the heart arteries can also produce chest discomfort. Stress worsens all above.
Chest pain. Probability doc is right but cta can miss 'small vessel disease' and spasm and some metabolic problems. Not enough info here to judge, talk to doc, could consider second opinion.

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I've had chest pain always in the same spot when I'm stressed since I was 14 ekg, xray, and blood work good doc says pleurisy from mono?

Not sure. Having had symptom like this since age 14, suggests congenital problem. Since pain is related to stress, it is advisable to have 24-hr or continuous holter monitor to check for cardiac rhythmn disturbance. Electrophysiologic studies may need to follow this test. Read more...

What is the likely hood that my chest pain is cardiac, I passed tons of EKG, Stress Test, Echo, Blood Work, D-dimmer, holster, CT-Scan, chest x-ray?

Not high. Even if you were 20 years older, the findings are not supportive of a cardiac issue. Need to know whether the pain is worsened by exercise, certain activities such as eating. Other than a chest cage issue (costochrondritis) one needs to consider a problem with the esophagus as well. Read more...