I had a hida scan with cck on the 27th. How long should I pump and dump my breast milk before returning to exclusive breastfeeding?

2 days is plenty. Switching you baby to formula for 2 days after the hida is plenty. Your body excretes the tracer faster than its actual half-life. After 2 days, you can resume exclusive breastfeeding safely.
3 days. The technetium used for the study loses half of its energy each 6 hours. After 10 half lives all is safe. 60 hrs or about 3 days.
48 hours. Hida is labeled to 99mtc-technetium, which is a radioisotope with a physical half-life of 6 hours, meaning that the radioactivity decreases by 50% every 6 hours. Usually 24 hours should be enough but generally we suggest to patients to do it for 36-48 hours if they can. At that time, most of the radioactive compound would be eliminated from your body. Good luck.
3 days. 3 days should be safe. The radiotracer (radioactive material) used for the study should be out in the urine by then.
48 hours. Technetium 99m is the isotope tagged to hida. It has 6hr half life. Usually by 24 hours most of it has decayed, but for most safety 48 hours would be 8 half lives.

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