Is smoking marijuana while pregnant (18 weeks) ok?

No! Smoking marijuana is not ok--especially while pregnant! for whatever reason you are choosing to smoke marijuana, remember that your unborn baby doesn't get to make the same choice. It is going to be exposed to the chemicals in the smoke just like you are--bad enough for you, but just imagine what it's doing to a fetus that is going through such important changes on a day by day basis. Just don't!
Absolutely NOT! If your baby were born today, would you place a reefer in its mouth and let it smoke it. Case closed!
No! Don't smoke it, eat it, burn it as incense, make it into butter, brownies or any other baked goods. Doesn't matter where you stand on legality. It's bad for the baby and no law can change that.
No its horrible. Chromosomal breaks and mutations in a fetal dna have been associated with mj exposure during pregnancy. There is also evidence for increased learning problems and prematurity in mothers who smoke mj during pregnancy. So if the baby is premature it will be smaller & at high risk for many problems neonatally & later in life. Stop now and hope your baby wont suffer because of your drug use.