Can I still have a baby since I had an endometrial ablastion?

Difficult. The purpose of an endometrial ablation is to destroy a part of the uterine lining. That is the part where a pregnancy would need to implant. Sometimes, hysteroscopy can be used to try to make that area better for a pregnancy to implant, but it is not easy to do, and definitely requires a fertility specialist to counsel you.
Possible. We generally think of ablations as sterilizing but depending on the depth of damage to the endometrium, pregnancy could still be possible. An estrogen challenge with ultrasound evaluation of the endometrium can give some clues. Even if this looks great, there are no guarantees. Otherwise surrogacy would be the only option.
We're learning. Every year, there are more published reports of pregnancies after ablation. Some go fine. Some are disastrous. Even if you do get pregnant, be warned that there are some potentially major risks such as having a placenta get "glued" to the uterus, so that after the baby delivers it might be necessary to remove the uterus (emergency hysterectomy) to save the mother's life. This is a major decision.