Is a thyroidectomy an option for hashimoto's thyroiditis?

No need. There's no need to surgically remove your thyroid for hashimoto. Just need to take correct amount of thyroid hormone (levothyroxine).
Unnecessary. If you have hypothyroidism due to the hashimotos, then the treatment is levothyroxine.
Thyroidectomy. No. Bad option; hashimoto's thyroiditis is treated with thyroid pills since it generally leads to a low thyroid level.
Nodule. Thyroidectomy appropriate only if there is a nodule with concern of malignancy.

Related Questions

What does it mean I had thyroid cancer and I had a thyroidectomy had radiation therapy was diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis now I have 2cm growth?

Needs biopsy. If there is a 2cm growth in your neck or thyroid area, it needs to be biopsied to prove that it is not thyroid cancer, or some other kind of growth. Hopefully not.
Biopsy. If you have hashimoto's thyroiditis, then your thyroglobulin antibodies are elevated making it harder to use thyroglobulin to monitor for thyroid cancer recurrent. With a new growth, you will need a biopsy to make sure the cancer is not coming back. At this point, you should have an endocrinologist, a surgeon and possibly a radiation oncologist on your team. Good luck.

Anyone familiar w/ hashimoto thyroiditis treatment?

Most PCPs and endo. Most internists and endocrinologists are familiar with the disorder. It is an autoimmune disorder that often leads to an under active thyroid. It is the most common cause of low thyroid hormone levels. There is no treatment for hashimotos per se, but the thyroid hormone levels can be kept normal with medication.