Is it possible to have too much dialysis? Can some one die from too much?

No. The dose of dialysis as commonly provided three times a week is the minimal required to maintain some balance and adding treatments helps in several ways. On the other hand if too much fluid is removed it can cause excessive drops in blood pressure and severe cramps.
See below. 3/week dialysis can only acheive about 20% of what "cleaning" your own kidneys can do. So more dialysis cannot "kill" you but is not practical at the present time. Blood pressure changes ie typically low BP can cause problems.Night time dialysis and home daily dialysis are options to explore. Kidney transplant if possible.
Not if controlled. Some people have great function from their own kidneys but will never have adverse effects because of it. With the replacement therapy, the amount delivered is called the "dialysis prescription" - and is a balance of what the gov't or insurance companies will agree to pay for, and what works well over time for a large number of people. For the individual pt, more (well done) dialysis may be ok.