I am very tired sore and feeling drained finding it diffcult to get going in the mornings what can I do to combat thisk?

Soreness. Soreness in the morning is a concern. Do you have a very physical job - or started one recently that is? Do the muscles ache - and if so where? How long has this gone on? Do you kick, toss/turn, and jerk throughout the night? Snore? Are you taking narcotics? They may wear off leaving you in worse pain or sore in am. A thorough medical evaluation would likley provide answers as to cause and relief.
Only in AM? There could a medical issue, new mattress or bad mattress?, sleep apnea? Depression? Question a bit vague, once you get going in am do symptoms improve?
Fatigue. The list of things that can cause fatigue would fill this room. You need blood work. It could be anemia, or a thyroid issue. Or, you could have an infection you are unaware of. In addition, oftentimes, fatigue is a symptom of depression, or you may think you are getting quality sleep at night, but are not due to some form of apnea.