Why is my blood dark?

See below. What makes you think that your blood is dark? Venous blood normally has darker color than arterial blood.
Myoglobinuria. Very, dark urine with the color of cola could be due to the presence of myoglobin, which is a breakdown product of muscle cell. It can be caused by trauma, alcohol, medications, and vigorous exercises. It could indicate that you have rhabdomyolysis, which could lead to kidney failure. Another cause would be blood (as in uti) or bilirubin in the urine (as in liver disease). Should be checked.

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Hi, I am having a miscarriage and wanted to know why is my blood dark red and brown and kind of thick & has a vinegar smell. Is this normal?

Miscarriage. Your miscarriage may be caused by a bacterial vaginal infection.The vinegar smell could be the tipoff.The dark bloody discharge may represent old uterine blood. Consult your foctor for treatment before you try to get pregnant again. Read more...

Why is my period blood dark brown, stopped after 4 hrs. Is this a period?

Brown = blood . Brown equals old blood. If this is right after your period then you are just passing some of the blood that has been siting at the back of the vagina.If your periods are irregular see your doctor to discuss options for cycle regulation. Read more...